IW3SGT and Radio


I am SWL since 1996, but my interest in the radio began much more before, when after the purchase of the first RTX in the Citizen Band. I started the radio activity with the call sign of CB PIPPO. 

In the 1997 I started a ham activity with IW3SGT callsign. At this date only 50MHz and higher frequencies are avaiable for "IW" license. In the 2005, after the finish of the Morse code exam for Italian ham, all "IW" license can work below 50MHz band :-)

Most of my activity is in digital modes and I like to explore the LF and VLF frequencies.



My Shak (2011 picture)



My station:


RTX Kenwood TS590S

RTX Yaesu FT991A
RTX Yaesu FT817ND

RTX Wouxun KG-UV6D

RX Icom IC-R10

RX Yaesu FRG7

Key Begali Simplex

Key vertical from East


PSU Nissei MS280A ( 9-15V 28A switching)

PSU Comtrak PS30F (8-15V 30A switching)

Microset P107A (13.8V 7A)

10/15/20m trap dipole (ECO)

Vert. 5/8 for 50 MHz (27 MHz 5/8 LEMM modified) usable in 10/12/17/20 and 30m :-)

14,5m horizontal wire with CG3000 autotuner for 160/80/60 and 40m

Vert. 50-144-430 MHz (Diamond V2000)

Vert. 80m-10m /P for car (Outback 2000)

Vert. 9m fishing rod antenna for /P

Yagi 9 el. for 144 MHz for /P (F9FT)

Yagi 4 el. for 144 MHz for /P (Diamond)

Yagi 10 el. for 432 MHz for /P (Diamond)

LOOP and ferrite home made for LF - VLF

LDG AT100PRO autotuner for /P


EASYLOG software for logs and QSL print

MIXW software for digital communications

JT65HF software for JT65 mode

WSJT-X software for other digital modes

WSPR, Opera and ROS software for propgation experiments

ARGO software for beacon and weak signals

QRSS software by ON7YD for QRSS TX

QARtest software for SSB contests


Pentium I5 HP desktop PC with Windows 7

Pentium 4 desktop PC with Windows Vista 64

Atom N450 Samsung netbook with Windows 7


My shak also had:

Intek 4035 (CB), Midland Alan 87I (CB), Kenwood TS450SAT, Icom IC746, Yaesu FT857D, Icom IC703+, Kenwood TS830S, SDR key Funcube PRO+ and Yaesu FT450D


Icom IC703+ (sold), Kenwood TS590S LDG AT100PRO autotuner and digital interface

Yaesu FT450D (sold)

Kenwood TS830S (sold) vaacum final tubes, superb AF !

Yaesu FRG-7

Power supplies :)


HF mobile station


V&UHF mobile station :)


/P 144 Mhz contest station            IW3SGT/0 (Rocca S. Angelo - PG)         9m Fishing rod antenna for HF /P








IW3SGT LAB pictures :)

LF/VLF pre test and HF magnetic loop (without top cap) experiments 


8.9kHz 10m QRB indoor DX and Diamond V2000 indoor test :) 


LF/MF loop and LF/VLF ferrite

Desktop digital interface
/P digital interface

QRSS keyer and QRPP amplifier for 137-475kHz


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